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Real IO is a web development and design company that combines powerful software tools and creative design to meet the marketing and informational goals of a wide variety of organizations. We understand that website is the most effective communication tool to promote your image and also manage, sustain and create new relationships with your existing customers, prospects and employees.

We believe that the key to success is not just virtuosity in modern technologies, but also strategic planning and innovative thinking. Web solutions based on intuition, on brain waves, often turn out to be more effective than simply following existing stereotypes.

We see no reasons why a web design should be boring, even when it is a large corporate server or serious information resource. Respectable conservatism or functionality requirements - neither of these makes an excuse for a mediocre work. As experience shows, what is a daring innovation today, becomes mainstream tomorrow.We are serious about our work, whether a banner or major portal, a simple script or a powerful database.

We believe that nothing is unimportant in our business. We value time - both yours and our own. This is why we are so careful in what concerns planning and documentation. We always seek to create a collaborative environment, where the client's opinions and ideas are part of the project development process at all of its stages.

Benefits of our Dynamic Web Framework

  • Ease of use. HTML expertise not required
  • Online content editing using familiar wordprocessing tools
  • Real-time content editing via your web browser
  • Flexibility to change the style and navigation menus on your web site with a mouse click
  • Password protection to enable/restrict page viewing/editing
  • Scalable architecture
  • and much more...


Web Solutions

 EventFusion - Web Calendaring System
 ResourceFusion - Conference Room
   Booking System

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