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What is ResourceFusion?

ResourceFusion is the Event and Conference Room Management System that has been specifically designed to support a multi-site / multi-venue environment on a real time basis. ResourceFusion is a highly scalable application that is capable to change with the growth and demands of the user requirements, and can be set up to operate through the Intranet and over the Internet. ResourceFusion event and conference room management system is comprised of, and compatible with technologies currently available in the marketplace, offering quality and reliability with respect to e-communication, database management, and overall functionality.

ResourceFusion enables responsible staff to make changes in real time, so that the system reflects the most up to the minute information concerning space and resource availability in order to ensure the integrity of any reservations and requests for resources made.

ResourceFusion provides capability to easily change variables such as names, group classifications, corporate identification such as logos, symbols, headers, font type, etc. This event and conference room management solution allows for growth by providing options to build upon current databases and program configuration.

Security access to system modules and database is controlled by the application administrator. The user authentication system includes multiple levels of security and allows staff access to the system and various parts such as screens, modules, etc. and based on individualized clearance levels (role based security). There is a degree of flexibility to add or delete employees from the administration module with no downtime experienced in the operation of the system.


  • Dynamically create unlimited number of rooms/calendars with customized categories, headers and footers.

  • Inline rich text editor generates dynamic Web Page event content on-the-fly.

  • Search or filter bookings and events by keywords, categories and time ranges.

  • View each room/calendar monthly, weekly or daily.

  • Multiple authorization levels (read-only, user, admin).

  • Online event registration for seminars, presentations, etc.

  • Online resource booking (meeting rooms and equipment).

  • List event attendees(roster).

  • Update attendee information.

  • Broadcast e-mail to all attendees for an event.

  • Dynamic announcements via admin-controlled running ticker.

  • Synchronize event/reservation information with Outlook and/or Palm and Pocket PC 
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    “Real IO has been fantastic to work with and extremely helpful in all aspects from design right through to implementation and maintenance.  Whenever we have a problem or forget how to do something, we always get an immediate response and help.

    Our office and, most importantly, our members are thrilled with the site.  I can’t thank Real IO enough for all their work and creativity!  I am happy to recommend Real IO to anyone and I will certainly continue to use their services and would be happy to talk with anyone about the company.”

    Susan E. Hazell, Former Executive Director
    (CAIS) Canadian Association of Independent Schools

    “We are very pleased with the increased visibility in the search engines and truly appreciate all of you and your team's hard work in getting the Bradford Yacht Sales Website developed.

    I will be sure to recommend Real IO to anyone looking for a total web service.“

    Kristi Williams
    Bradford Yacht Sales, Ft. Lauderdale

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